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Alpha Challenge

Prove your worth!

Have you got what it takes to be the Alpha of the season?. Prove your worth by showing you can rise above all other tribes in the cluster!.


This is to encourage more tribes to raids others while adding a competitive challenge. This is optional, and you do not have to compete if you are not up to the challenge!.

As a bonus, you will get RTACoins credited daily to your account as long as you hold the @SeasonAlpha tag!.

How it works

The #1 tribe is chosen as the first Alpha using our top tribe’s leaderboard!.

  1. If you hold the Alpha tag, then you can be challenged to raid another tribe. You have 4 days to do so. Failure to have a successful raid will mean the tag is passed on to the tribe that asked you to pull up. We expect tribes to be honest about the raid summary. Dishonest tribes will be disqualified. If you are not up to the challenge, you can surrender your Alpha status. Failure to pull up may also result in disqualification. Tribes are expected to surrender early if they have no intention of pulling up. Unnecessarily holding told without the intent to raid is deemed dishonest.
  2. If you have the Alpha tag, then you can pull up on any other tribe at any time as usual.
  3. If you don’t have the tag and want to become Alpha and obtain the tag, then you either raid the tribe that is currently Alpha, which must have enough impact to consider them no longer Alpha. Alternatively, you challenge the current Alpha to pull up and when they do, defend successfully.
  4. The Alpha can only be challenged once per 4 days by any tribe to keep it fair. If the Alpha wipes the challenging tribe before the 4 days, then the Alpha holds their position. If the challenging tribe is wiped by another tribe that is not the Alpha, then a new tribe can challenge the Alpha, and the 4-day cycle starts again.
  5. Only the Top 10 tribes can claim Alpha and challenge the Alpha.
  6. If multiple tribes want to challenge the Alpha to pull up, then the challenge will be awarded to the tribe with the current highest rank on our leaderboards. If you challenge a tribe for the 2nd time, the challenge will only be accepted if no other tribe are waiting to challenge.
  7. The challenges are to be pulled up on the map they rank the highest on our leaderboard. If you have multiple bases on that map, then you can choose which one the Alpha must pull up to.
  8. Usual rules apply, no special rules are set up for this game mode.
  9. You can raid the current Alpha like normal, and if you are successful, then you will become the next Alpha. The tag will only be given if you are a Top 10 tribe.
  10. As an Alpha, you are expected to be able to pull up on any tribe on any map!.
  11. The first Alpha of the season will be awarded to the top-ranking tribe on our leaderboards.
  12. If there are no active challengers, the Alpha must wipe the highest-ranking tribe to keep the tag.
  13. If the tribe activity is considerably lower than normal, then the Alpha tag may be revoked and passed on.

The season alpha will be awarded to the tribe that holds the tag the longest!.

You can view the current Alpha and challenges in our #season-alpha Discord channel.

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