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Welcome to the Shop!. Here you will be able to order in-game items in exchange for Tokens.

We are offering items in-game to you for your generous donations. If you enjoy our servers please donate to keep us going!

Donations are used to keep our servers running with the best servers to give you the best gaming experience. Your donations in ARK go to making it possible to upgrade our servers and release new maps with demand.

You can purchase items/dinos from our website as a reward for your donations. Items will be delivered within 48 hours. In most cases, we require you to wait 24 hours for the orders to make sure PvP is balanced.

  • We have numerous limits and measures in place to ensure this server will never become p2w.
  • All dinos we sell are spayed.
  • We do not sell anything that is not attainable by every player in-game.
  • Servers are wiped between seasons.

Before purchasing, please join our discord server and verify your PSN. One of the benefits of doing this is that you get a notification when your order is ready for pickup.

Note: Tokens are required to purchase items from this shop. Please visit our tokens page to find out what they are how you can get them.

To keep the server fair and balanced, with each new season, our servers are wiped meaning all items/structures/dinos are wiped regardless if they were bought or earned.  So please understand that your items/dinos will only be valid until the end of the season and that you will lose them when the season ends. If you have spare tokens from your donations, these do not expire and will be valid for use in future seasons. When a new season starts, the shop will only open after 1-3 weeks.


IMPORTANT!: This is not a pay-to-win server and it will never be. Certain items have limitations and restrictions.

You can purchase Tokens by visiting your account page. If you are new, please sign up.

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