How To Join

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Firstly, we would like to welcome you to our community. We will walk some steps through on how you can find and join our Nitrado hosted server. With the new update of Ark they have added a new functionality in the left bottom of your screen for Server Filter: Unofficial PC Sessions. When we select this we will see a list of all Nitrado hosted servers and we will be able to search for our community servers. We have named all servers the same so you can find them all in a single overview.

So if you would like to join our Ragnarok server for example, in the Server Name Filter search for RuleTheArk and set Map to Ragnarok. You should now see our Ragnarok server listed. Just click on the listing and click Join!

To Summarise

  1. Start Ark Survival on your PS4 and click Join Ark
  2. Set Server Filter to Unofficial PC Sessions
  3. Set Map to Ragnarok if you wish to Join our Ragnarok server.
  4. Search For RuleTheArk in the Name Filter.
  5. When our server appears, click on it and click Join
  6. You can also check the Add To Favourites to join the server quickly in the future!

Our Maps

Always Expanding

We host every single map. We are one of a kind.

You can also get real-time, yes that’s right real-time information about all our maps via our discord.

Ever wondered if the server is up, restarting etc?.

Ever wondered who and how many players are currently online?

You can find out all these and so much more through our discord.





The Center






Scorched Earth


The Island


Events Server (Island)