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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have other questions, feel free to join our Discord server.

Our server settings including rates can be found on the server settings page.

Max wild dino level is 150. Tek variations can be up to 180. Total level up for a dino is 105 level.

So max possible tamed level is 330. You will need to breed dinos to achieve higher levels.


Basic starter kits can be found in white drops. However, you can donate and buy a enhanced starter kit.

EE means that the rates for the server have been increase for a limited time. So building up is quicker.

Purge means there is no raid resiastance. Turret damage is as normal.

No our main cluster does not have ORP. If you want time to build up, consider using our Starter Server which has ORP.

You can donate and purchase items from the shop by buying tokens.

Deliveries are done every within 48 hours of purchase. Make sure you join and discord and verify your PSN. Doing so means, you will be. notiified when your order is ready. If you have any issues, please create a support ticket in our discord.

You need to create an account, log in and visit the buy tokens page. You can use your social media/discord account to register.

You can either pay by PayPal, or any card using PayPal Guest.

Tokens must first be approved. Please join our discord and create a token ticket so that they be approved.

As you play on our servers, you earn RTACoins which you can use create coupons to reduce the no. of tokens required when you buy items from the shop.

For example, you can use a 500 token coupon to reduce your order from 1000 tokens to just 500 tokens.

Note: Min order of 500 tokens required.

Learn more about our reward system here: RTA Rewards

You can find info on how to earn RTACoins here: https://www.ruletheark.com/tokens/#rta-coins

You can use RTACoins  in numerous ways. Find out more here: https://www.ruletheark.com/rta-games/

You must join our discord to view your statistics. You can track you hours, RTACoins and much more.

You must join our discord to view your statistics. You can track you rival, total kills and much more.

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