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Our server has a very unique set up, these are just a fraction of the modded changes our server contains, whether it’s from modded drops, modded loots drops from bosses to modded titan. You can check with an admin on our discord server, if you want to know about any other settings.

Main SettingsCurrent
Stack Mod?Yes
Allow Flying Inside Caves?Yes
Allow Anyone Baby Imprint CuddleYes
S+ EnabledYes
Structure CollisionYes
Non-permanent diseasesYes
Prevent diseasesNo
Tribe alliances?Not Possible With ORP
Allow raid dino feeding (Permanently tamed Titans)No
Unlimited Respecs (Mindwipes)Yes
Corpse LocatorYes
Disable structure placement collisionNo
Max number of players in a tribe6 players or 2 players on Duo tribe server.
Randomise loot quality? (Best loot can be in any colour)No
Armour, Damage & Durability Clamped?Yes
Tribemate imprintsYes
Corpse LocatorYes
Auto Unlock EngramsYes
Weather Fog DisabledYes
Permanent DiseasesNo
Unlimited MindwipeYes
Tribe slot reuse cooldown24 hours
Cryopod DebuffYes (Dinos deal 1% damage and take 30% extra damage for 10 seconds after deployment)
Cluster TransferringYes
Offline Raid Protection30 Minutes During Purge.
No ORP on either Saturdays/Sunday. (Alternates each week)
Max Player Level150 (200 w/Ascension)
Max Dino Level Ups (Standard +86)+105
Base RatesMultiplier
Element Harvesting Ext/Genx1/6 of Harvesting base / x1/3 of Harvesting base
Mating Intervalx2
Imprint Buff30%
Structure Decayx0.5 (Twice as fast)
Dino Decayx1
Cave Damagex6
Platform Build Max Structuresx0.5
Beacon Loot Qualityx1.2 -> x1.5 (During Event)
Fishing Loot Qualityx1.5 -> x1.7 (During Event)
Day/Night Cycle Ratio80% / 20%
Day/Night Cycle Ratio (Scorched Earth)25% / 75%
Per Level StatsMultiplier
Crafting Skill Bonus5%
Melee Damagex0.9
Movement Speedx1.15
Max Player Level150 (200 with Ascension etc)
Per Level Stats (Tamed + Wild)Multiplier
Melee Damagex1
Movement Speedx1.25
Max Dino Level (Perfect Tame: 225, Level Ups: +105)330
Custom Loot Drops!

Bonus loot drops have a chance for higher items and higher quality.

WhiteStarter Kit!.
YellowFurniture + Player Consumables Examples (Forge, Fabricator, Turretsm, Mindwipe Tonic)
BlueAll Saddles. Examples (Ptera, Stego, Drake, Tek Saddles (Low chance))
PurpleWeapons and Ammo. Examples (Grenades, Shot guns, Bullets)
RedArmor. Examples (Hazard, Riot, Flak)  + In-Game Currency
Custom Crafting

RTA is not a cheap craft server; however, crafting requirements for certain items have been modified to improve the quality of life as a survivor.

Resource Breakdown
50 × Stone.png Stone
20 × Hide.png Hide
50 × Sparkpowder.png Sparkpowder
15 × Crystal.png Crystal
10 × Oil.png Oil
Chemistry Bench
500 × Metal Ingot.png Metal Ingot
100 × Sparkpowder.png Sparkpowder
250 × Crystal.png Crystal
250 × Polymer.png Polymer
Industrial Forge
Shadow Steak Saute
20× Mejoberry.png Mejoberry
8 × Narcotic.png Narcotic
72 × Stimulant.png Stimulant
20 × Rare Mushroom.png Rare Mushroom
20 × Rare Flower.png Rare Flower
1 × Water.png Water
Mindwipe Tonic
200 × Mejoberry.png Mejoberry
1 × Fiber.png Fiber
72 × Narcotic.png Narcotic
72 × Stimulant.png Stimulant
20 × Rare Mushroom.png Rare Mushroom
20 × Rare Flower.png Rare Flower
1 × Water.png Water
Sweet Vegetable Cake
4 × Sap.png Sap

2 × Rockarrot.png Rockarrot

2 × Longrass.png Longrass

2 × Savoroot.png Savoroot

25 × Fiber.png Fiber
1 × Water.png Water
Tranquilizer Arrow10 × Narcoberry or Ascerbic Mushroom.png Narcoberry or Ascerbic Mushroom
Spyglass5o × Fiber.png Fiber
Magnifying Glass250× Fiber.png Fiber
Whip150 × Fiber.png Fiber
Element (Abberation)
8 × Charge Battery (Aberration).png Charge Battery Aberration Icon.png
85 × Element Ore (Aberration).png Element Ore Aberration Icon.png

All bosses drop ElementsBush Berry Seeds (In-game currency) and possibly some Tek.

Element drop rate is x1 with a chance of x2 for special events.

Bush Berry Seeds can be traded in for RTACoins to spend on the auctions and enter our raffles/lotto and other games. Full details here: RTAGames



From S10, RTA Ark Bosses are tiered, which means you need the previous boss’ trophy to complete the next boss. For example, to summon Beta Dragon, you must first complete the Gamma Dragon and use its trophy. This has to be done each time.

Does not apply to Genesis or Starter Server!


Extinction Titans

Tribute requirements for Titans are higher than official. It may require x2-x3 official requirement to summon a Titan. You can check the summon requirements at the Obelisk.

Our Starter server hosted on Ragnarok is there to help fast track progress for those who have joined later in the season or those who have been recently wiped.

Most of our settings for the starter server is the same as the primary cluster with some few exceptions.

  1. All base rate is double our normal cluster. Our normal cluster average is x20. The AVG for the starter server is x40.
  2. Loot drops quantity are up to x1.5 higher than the main cluster.
  3. Loot drop quantity is higher. (Same as Evolution Event).
  4. Offline Raid Protection (ORP) – Kick in after 10 minutes.
  5. XP is up to x1.5 higher than the main cluster.
  6. Lower food/water drain.
  7. No ORP day on the weekend does not apply!
  8. White Flag cannot be used.
  9. Max Player Level – 125 without ascenction (Doesn’t apply if you are already past this 125)

The starter server wipes every 2 weeks. Only the transfer of character will be allowed. Once the 2 weeks are up, you must transfer out all items/dinos to the main cluster by 6 PM GMT on the final day.

You can find more information about the schedule on our discord.

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