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Server Rules

The Important Stuff

We know this stuff isn’t exciting but please read them carefully, they are very important. If you are unsure about doing something or a rule is not clear enough/self-explanatory to you, please ask an admin or other players. There is no excuse for breaking a rule due to assumptions or a different interpretation of rules without asking someone. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Note: All date/time for our servers are in London[Europe] Time.

  • Make sure you are read and understand Ark Offical Rules. We use their guidelines as well. Wildcard’s Offical Arks Code of Conduct. https://ark.gg/Coc
  • Don’t be a jerk. What goes around comes around. This is a PVP server, and expect players to kill each other in a civilized manner. Hate speech or harassment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately. Disrespect to admins will be handled in a similar manner.
  • Repeat killing/camping of new players is considered harassment and it only serves to drive people away (not the same as newbies killing each other).
  • Capture/Caging: You may capture someone for up to 30 minutes. After 30 mins, either release or kill them. If your tribe is logging off, you must release/kill any caged survivors. The same player must not be caged more than twice in 3 hours, which means an individual cannot be caged for more than 1 hour in a 3 hour time spam from the first caging.

  • Exploiting the ORP in any way is forbidden. Repeated combat logging (going offline) of a defender, while a raid is going on, is rated as exploitation too.
  • Placing any items inside/immediate proximity of existing bases to prevent building, or bypassing defences (such as sleeping bags or metal wires) is also considered abuse. If the item you are placing cannot be placed when ORP is not active, for example, because turrets would shoot you, then it is almost certainly abused.
  • Using Gasbags to blow tames into water/lava with the intent to get them killed etc is also considered abuse of ORP. This is very hard to prove but not impossible, if admins have a strong feeling based on logs and other data about who is at fault, then I admin may choose to ban them. However, if it is not clear at all then we can’t do much unless you can get someone to snitch etc.

  • Names of tribes, players and dinos must be appropriate. You must always use legitimate character, tribe and dino name(s). It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. “Human”, “Survivor”, “Player”, “123”, “321”, “OneTwoThree”, “□□□” or anything similar is forbidden.
    • Your tribe name cannot be offensive, contain advertising, this is a game (with kids who play) and those who don’t take it seriously should go elsewhere, if you are unsure on the classification of your tribe name, contact an admin. Names of tribes, players, and dinos have to answer PEGI 16 / ESRB T-rated requirements.
    • Tribe names must be the same between all maps!. You cannot have different tribe names on different maps!.
  • Mimicking another tribe’s name is prohibited.
  • Account sharing and the use of alternative accounts is strictly forbidden.
  • Exploiting RTACoins or tribe ranks/leaderboards in any way to your ranks or player stats will result in penalties and eventually bans from stats tracking.
  • We are a professional and mature server and expect everybody to uphold this.
  • We do not accept childish behaviour or foul language. This includes but is not limited to language which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, homophobic, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.
  • The constant harassment of other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, personal insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.
  • This is PvP, trash-talking is okay but if it gets out of hand the situation will be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.
  • Defamatory comments against the admins/server will result in a mute/kick/ban. If you have an issue with admins or the server, raise a ticket with the Owner
  • Personal Information: Do NOT post or direct users to private information about other players, this information and peoples personal lives should not be involved in a video game.
  • Advertising: Players shall not advertise other servers, YouTube or Twitch addresses in-game. Only links relating to general chat and this server is applicable. Advertising will result in an immediate ban.

  • Structure Collison is disabled on this server (allow you to clip into almost all terrains). Abuse of this system in any way will result in wipes/bans. This can include things such as hiding items, ie Generators in walls etc. where the intention for them is to not take damage by other tribes.
      • You MUST ENSURE You DO NOT place any items such as foundations under the mesh which hinders a raid. Based on the severity, this can result in a minimum of  1-hour ban for each meshed item. So, for example, 10 meshed foundations will be a 10-hour ban for the entire tribe. If the item is partly in a mesh it might be fine if can be easily destroyed by explosives, but to be on the safe side ensure they are not in the mesh at all.
      • This rule applies regardless of whether you placed the item in the mesh by accident or not!. Therefore, take extra caution when placing items.

  • Your base must not obstruct players progress when spawning in, i.e. be killed by your turrets, trapped in your base etc. If you are blocking/killing on spawn, your base may be removed.
  • Do not destroy any admin built structures and No PvP what so ever by these structures.
  • Building/Playing on the Shop/Rewards server is forbidden.
  • Any traps i.e. for taming etc. must be demolished after use!. Repeatedly leaving traps around the map will result in penalties!.
  • To maintain the intent and spirit of the small tribe servers, players are not permitted to form informal alliances between tribes (including cross-server) to gain an advantage over another tribe through sheer numbers.
    • This includes such things as:
      • Joint raids against one or more tribes
      • Moving characters back and forth between multiple tribes. (Tribe hopping). Offical tribe slot cooldown applies.
      • Using non-tribe member bodies to store and transport items.
      • Interfering with an ongoing raid. For example, attacking a tribe who is involved in a raid already.
  • However, tribe hopping will be allowed on a temporary basis for players to jump into other tribes for a raid where the tribe limit has not been reached. For example, if your tribe only has 3 players in total, you can add up to 3 more friends to help you defend/raid. However, if your tribe has 6 players, but only 3 are online, you cannot KICK any existing tribe members to add other players! (Essentially no rotating). Taking advantages of teaming in any way that exploits this will have severe consequences. If you are unsure about anything, always ask. Better safe than sorry.
  • If you Kick/Remove a player from your tribe. You MUST wait a minimum of 24 hours before the slot can be filled!.
  • If at any point you manage to hit a tribe who is in an ongoing raid unknowingly, you must back off soon as you find out, ie via global chat or any other means necessary.
  • Multiple tribes may engage in open-world PvP but during raids, it must be 1 tribe vs 1 tribe.
  • For the first 48 hours of the season launch only: You can third part a raid as long as you make a legitamte attempt against both parties evenly. You must attempt the raid yourself if you are successful in neutralizing the original attackers. This is for the for the initial launch multiple tribes can challeneege a base spot.
  • Raiding a tribe that has been hit within the last 30 minutes will negatively effect your tribe tribe’s rank on our tribe leaderboards.
  • For the main cluster, during the weekdays there ORP is enabled with a smaller timer before it activates.
  • During the weekend, there is No ORP, this is known as the Purge.
  • Rotational Server has No ORP.
  • Insiding a tribe is strictly prohibited, this includes but is not limited to; leaving a tribe and taking items with you without tribe leader consent, disabling defences to allow entry to another tribe or causing destruction from within the base prior or after leaving the tribe. However, the tribe leader has full ownership and can do with the tribe belongings and its roster as they please.
    • If you lose items/dinos because you have been inside, you WILL NOT get your items or dinos back, the person insiding will be banned. It is your responsibility to ONLY add people you trust into your tribe!. If you do get insided, that will be your responsibility. You must have clear proof of insiding, for example, a tribe splitting due to a fall out between them is not insiding. If admins deem there is clear intention to badly hinder another tribe only then action will be taken.


Disclaimer – All rules are up to the interpretation of the admins. Final decisions on rule clarifications will be made by admins. If you feel that any of these rules were broken, please report them via discord. If you have been raided unfairly or have had dinos killed, you must have evidence of this. You must take screenshots and capture video. PS records by default for 15 minutes, but make sure you set this to 60 minutes.

In General
Follow common sense for anything specified (or not specified) above and be respectful to others. If you are UNSURE about something, CHECK with an admin!. Rules are not an absolute superset of all things, these are just the guidelines, just because it’s not in the rules, doesn’t mean it is a violation of fair play!.

If a player violates the rules against you or your tribe and it isn’t reported the moment you find out, or you choose to delay the report, you accept your report may be voided due to time factors. You must always try to resolve the issues with each other by coming up with a solution that is reasonable. Only contact the admin as a last resort.


Remember, this is a SURVIVAL GAME, stuff happens, things will be said … at the end of the day its just a game.

Note: Rules Are Subject To Change. It Is Your Responsibilty To Always Keep Up To Date!

LAST UPDATED: 21st Apr 2021

Punishment Categories

Rule Enforcement

In this section, we will highlight the approach we take when breaching of our ARK server rules and Studio Wildcard’s Code of Conduct. Please acknowledge that we cannot account for every possible scenario and this and rules are only guides and may not always reflect the punishments issued 100% of the time as each report is handled on a case by case basis, and also are subject to unban requests and counterclaims.

Based on the nature and severity of the incident, they will be categorised into one of the following:

  • Minor (Warning)
    • Primarily minor first-time offences.
  • Standard (24-48 hour ban)
  • Major (3-7 day ban)
  • Severe (Dev Wipe/Season Ban/Permanent ban)

Note, repeated offences may result in higher punishment.

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