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Alpha Boss Fight Artifacts/Trophies

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Artifacts and Trophies are used to summon bosses.

Low on elements?. Get ahead of the game by doing boss fights to earn Elements and Tek engrams.

Griding all the artifacts and trophies needed for boss fights can be time-consuming, so why not grabs these quick and be on your way to elements and tek engrams.

You can also buy elements from the store but this way, you still get the satisfaction of taking the boss on yourself.

Purchasing this will give you the artifact and trophies needed to summon the Alpha version of your chosen boss, but you’re on your own from there. For example, if you purchase the Dragon boss artifacts/trophies, you will get enough artifacts/trophies to do the boss fight on Alpha (Hard), so you can earn a total of 220 elements after doing the alpha fight from Dragon boss.

Good luck!.

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Broodmother Lysrix, Megapithecus, Dragon, Manticore, Ragnarok Arena (Dragon + Manticore), Rockwell (Aberration), Tek Cave, The Center Arena (Brood/Maga), Forsaken Oasis (Valguero)

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