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Cementing Paste

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Cementing Paste is a common resource made of Chitin.png Chitin/Keratin.png Keratin and Stone.png Stone. It is used to make advanced items and structures. It can be created in a Mortar And Pestle.png Mortar and Pestle and is used in many crafting recipes.

Natural Sources

Cementing paste can be gathered in three natural ways:

  • By using a Beelzebufo.png Beelzebufo to eat insects such as the Meganeura.png Meganeura or Titanomyrma.png Titanomyrma, which it then converts to cementing paste.
  • By accessing a Giant Beaver Dam.png Giant Beaver Dam, you can grab large quantities of cementing paste but be careful as the Beavers will become hostile and attack you.
  • By accessing anAchatina.png Achatina inventory, you can take the Cementing Paste.png Achatina Paste that is made there passively over time, it can be used in the place of cementing paste. They generate 1 paste every minute but will stop producing once they hold 100 paste. It will also occasionally drop a piece of paste onto the ground.


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