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Ferox (Shapeshifter) – Level 330

Tokens: 450 Tokens: 250

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?100% Imprint for your tame.
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?Dino will be replaced once, if killed.

To qualify: Proof must be provided via Tribe Logs of Max Level Tame.

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  • Base Price: Tokens: 250
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The Ferox is a Creature in ARK: Survival Evolved‘s Expansion Pack Genesis: Part 1. The Ferox is similar in appearance to that of a  Jerboa. Upon consuming  Element, it transforms into a larger, more aggressive version of itself that is more canine-like in facial features and with massive muscles. Both forms have six limbs, with the middle arms being slightly smaller than the top ones.

Current Level: 225
Levels Unlocked: +105
Total Level: 330

(You will also get riders bonus: Damage & Resistance Buff)

Dino Colour Customisation Available!

Mastercraft Saddle Included!

Note: The dino you are purchasing is level 225 after you add the levels already unlocked you are able to increase it’s level 105 times. The dino is also spayed!

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