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Ravager – Level 330

Tokens: 125

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?100% Imprint for your tame.
Tokens: 0
?Dino will be replaced once, if killed.

To qualify: Proof must be provided via Tribe Logs of Max Level Tame.

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  • Optional Extras: Tokens: 0
  • Base Price: Tokens: 125
  • Total Tokens:  Tokens: 0


The Ravager is one of the Creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved‘s Aberration expansion.

The strong legs of the Canis barghest make it an effective mount for many survivors, particularly for long distance travel. While other creatures outshine it when it comes to bursts of speed, its stamina and ability to climb across both natural vines and artificial zip lines makes it a highly versatile travelling companion.

Current Level: 225
Levels Unlocked: +105
Total Level: 330

Dino Colour Customisation Available!

Mastercraft Saddle Included!

Note: The dino you are purchasing is level 225 after you add the levels already unlocked you are able to increase it’s level 105 times. The dino is also spayed!

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